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The Batmobile

In my opinion, this is the coolest of all the various Batmobiles: TV, Movies, and Comics.

This shows some of the color black paint variations,and a little of the "fin-work."

This is a cockpit to make any fighter pilot green with envy.

I placed a mesh screen in the air intake above the cockpit. That big open space bothered me.

The Batmobile was built from an Ertl kit. The kit was of average quality. I had to make some minor modifications, filling the gaps around the inner tail-fin inserts was the most involved mod. Some of the pieces (too many in my opinion) were plated. The Batmobile from the first movie was almost completely black; no chrome to speak of. So I removed about 90% of the plating by scraping and soaking. I ended up mixing three or four different shades of black, to represent differing materials that would have been used in the prototype's construction. And also so there would be at least some variation in the finished appearance.