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My 1972 (mostly) VW Beetle

This is my '72 (mostly) Super Beetle. I bought it as a stripped-out shell in, I believe, 1992, and it took about two months to get it up to operable condition. It was, for me, a piece of rolling, personal automotive history. I had owned several different VW Super Beetles in the ten years prior to buying this particular VW. Consequently, I had amassed a fairly large collection of spare VW parts. As I assembled this car, I used many various of the parts that I had accumulated from those previous Bugs. So, having been built from parts that came from Bugs that were made between 1971 and 1973, when people would ask what year it was I would tell them "It's a '72.... mostly."

I drove the Bug for nearly ten years before getting rear-ended on the way home from work in 2002. If you know anything about Bugs, you know that usually ends it for them. Below are some of the "Before and After" restoration pictures.